Lake Angie - Wimberley, TX

This PVC lined private fishing lake includes a natural stone bulkhead type retaining wall, a fishing dock with LED fish lights, aeration, and various submerged fish habitat features.  


A creek feature was added to the upstream end of the pond that winds through a shaded oak grove creating the perfect spot to sit in the shade and enjoy the tranquil sounds of flowing water. 

Weis Creek and Pond - Fredericksburg, TX

The Weis Creek project consists of approximately 100 ft of natural boulder stream that flows into a pond which extends to both side of the road.  In addition to the gorgeous native boulders used to conceal the liner and compose the stream bed, large pieces of petrified wood found on the property were incorporated into the surface of the creek bed. 

Hurst Creek Bass Pond Project- Lakeway, TX

This private fishing pond was built on a 30 acre private residence located on the shore of Lake Travis.  The project includes two waterfalls, approximately 120 feet of natural boulder retaining wall, a wetland or bog type water filter system, and a robust air difuser aeration system.  The pond doubles as an irrigation pond as water is pumped from a wet well to irrigate the property.

The Creek at Big Dog Ranch- Wimberley, Texas

Before Ed & Carolyn had a creek side wine bar, they had just a wine bar.  Which was very nice, but the addition of a pristine live water creek made this retreat something special.

Hurst Creek - Lakeway, TX

This 400 foot long creek connects Hurst creek bass pond shown above to Lake Travis through an elaborate series of rocky streams, pools, and waterfalls.  The grand finale being a 30 foot vertical drop into the lake.

Shellman Creek - Wimberley, TX

When people see pictures of Shellman Creek they often ask what it was that we did to it.  Believe it or not, the area was once just a muddy ditch in a canyon.  We excavated and shaped the stream channel, placed all the rocks, and installed a re-circulation system.  The rock work and surrounding landscape make this man-made creek look as if it has always been there.

Spicewood Fishing Pond and Wetland

This feature is separated into two bodies of water: a 1 acre bass fishing pond and a wetland area directly upstream.   Water is pumped from the big pond to the wetland where aquatic vegetation is used to remove excess nutrients and clean the water before it returns to the main pond over a rock dam waterfall.  Earth covered lake lining was used throughout to ensure the feature remains 100% water tight.

Shellman Pond

Before we built Shellman Creek (above), we built Shellman Pond.  Mike had a large hole in the middle of his otherwise immaculate ranch that was originally intended to be a pond.  After multiple attempts at making the hole hold water, he was about to give up on his dream of having a fly fishing pond on his property.  Then he called us, and about a month later that dream became a reality.

Community Fishing Lake- Spicewood, TX

We were hired by the builder in a design and supervision capacity.  Our role was to supervise construction, as well as to redesign the original plan set, so the lake would look better and be built more efficiently.

Natural Swim Pond- Austin, TX (north campus area)

The key to a natural swim pond is to create the perfect aquatic environment that naturally removes the factors that contribute to algae growth.

Naturally clean water provides a swimming experience far superior to a traditional swimming pool.  If you have ever experienced the cleansing effect of floating down the Guadalupe River, you know what I'm talking about.

Blanco Creek Ranch Project - Blanco, TX

Built in what was originally a muddy bog, this creak construction project in Blanco, TX was transformed into a 350 foot long re-circulating creek.

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