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Freshwater Ecosystems Founder
John Schwarzlose
FWE Founder

John Schwarzlose is a third generation water feature builder. Creating water features that transform ordinary landscapes into scenic outdoor settings is a Schwarzlose family tradition that dates back to the 1940s.  Gene Schwarzlose, John's grandfather, started by building creek dams in the Texas Hill Country before moving to east Texas where John's Father, Bob Schwarzlose, continues the tradition of excellence in water design today.

After getting a degree in wildlife and fisheries science from Texas A&M and a brief stint working in wildlife management for the government, John combined his backgrounds in water feature construction and wildlife and fisheries management to get a job with a golf course design and land planning firm.  Here his responsibilities included designing and overseeing the construction of water features that were both ecologically sound and visually stunning.

Since establishing his own company in 2008, John has developed a reputation for creating water features of unmatched natural beauty and character.  While John ensures all his features are designed to be ecologically sound and make efficient use of natural resources, the real reason his customers choose him and his team is because no one else can seamlessly incorporate natural design elements into any landscape the way they can.

"​Through the creative use of natural materials and existing landscape elements we create water features that are not only  naturalistic, but are indistinguishable from mother nature.​"

Our experience and services include: Fishing lakes and ponds, golf course water features and planned community features, man made waterfalls and creeks, concrete creek dam construction, water feature and landscape design, construction, and project supervision/management.

Testimonial- "I have enjoyed working with you and my ranch is the better for it.  Both projects have been something that I have dreamed about for a very long time and they are very meaningful to me.  I sat down by the pond the other morning in a cold drizzle and watched ducks come and go for almost an hour.  It was delightful.  My next task is a perch on my 2 weight.  Thank you again.  If you wish to use me as a reference for any reason it would be my honor."

Mike Shellman

Hill Country Landowner

Quote- "Damn... you guys do good work."  Upon visiting the job site and seeing progress on pond side retaining wall.

Ed Galle

Fishing Pond & Creek Customer, Wimberley, TX

Quote- "Yall didn't build that, mother nature did.  I mean I watched you do it, but no one will believe it."

Danny Weis

Creek and Pond Customer Harper, TX

Quote- "It's way more than I was expecting" - Upon reviewing the finished creek feature

Rip Miller

Bass Pond and Creek Customer Lakeway, TX

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